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The Sinister TRUTH About Social Media Platforms

I’m writing this today as a software developer who has spent years, YEARS, taking apart all of their scripts and putting them back together.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, even some lesser known ones. I’ve built software, blueprinted and handcoding, for multiple purposes. From bulk account creation to automating marketing tasks. Using their API’s and going through a browser, finding what gets an account ghosted, what gets an account banned, hours and hours of testing and debugging.

And I’m not the only one. There are thousands of other developers out there who do the same shit I do and know the same shit I know. The difference is many of them don’t come out and speak on this because they have some cush gig.

Or they monetize these platforms and don’t want to be an ingrate. And that’s fine. But being that I’m a CONSERVATIVE who as of late has been banned from Twitter for tweeting about when gun control in Cambodia…I’m breaking this information out.

A lot of what I’m about to say is already known. No great secrets here. But I at least want people to look at what social media is more critically. Look at it from different aspects besides just a way to share photos of cats and food.

Beyond all the emojis, the javascript, the flashing lights, the bright colors, the buttons, the toys, the knobs, there’s an agenda. These social media scripts are built to harvest your data with you providing it voluntarily.

So what is social media?

Essentially it’s all the same shit. All of these platforms do the same damned thing. They have fields for you to type text and post. They have elements that allow you to upload photo files and videos.






All forms of media are used in combination to convey ideas. It’s important to understand these basics about social media so you see how they’re being used. And to understand the media you upload and share is telling your enemy who and what you are.

All social media platforms allow you to interact with media and other people. So basically you have 3 functions in doing that.

Upload media (text, images, music, Video)

Add friends

Interact with media. (like, reactions, thumbs up/down, etc)

So that’s what your working with. Seems innocent enough right?

Not so fast.

More and more you’re seeing these scripts wanting to know more about you. Where you’re at, where you frequent, what types of people you befriend, and what MEDIA you share and interact with.

This data creates your online profile. Most of it you volunteer yourself. And the amount of data and types of data harvested is ever expanding. And there’s a reason for this. But we’ll come back to that.

Social media platforms disguise themselves as “ad platforms”.

“But Mr. Congressperson, Facebook is just an ad platform, is there something wrong with wanting to make a buck?”… I’m paraphrasing of course but that was the point Mark Fuckboyaberg was trying to make before congress during his ahem…”hearing”.

Nice cover Mark. “We’re just an ad platform dude”. This is Facebook, Twitter, and all the other ones’ go-to whenever they have some dog and pony show in front of a government body.

Big tech CEO’s are well rehearsed in pretending their social media networks are just so advertisers can target a market and sell to them. And on the surface they somewhat are. Which provides good cover to people who don’t know better.

Do people make a lot of money on Facebook’s ad platform? Yes. Do I? No. But I know people who do. I prefer to spam Facebook the old fashioned way instead of paying them to utilize their ad platform. Thank you very much.

Twitter is a hot ass mess in this category and has never made a fucking dime. Look it up. They’ve been in existence how long and still can’t find a way to monetize their users. Twitter’s ad platform is a total joke and their super angry right now that people can spam them to death (like me) for free and get more traffic than using their shitty ad service.

And to be honest people are seasoned on the internet now. We’re all ad-fatigued out. Nobody clicks on ads and we all hate seeing them.

Also Facebook is worthless as fuck as a whole itself. More and more people are just using it as a messaging app now. People are bored of newsfeeds and sick of ads. Look at Facebooks’ own fanpage and you’ll see how many people post how sick they are of ads and just want to be left alone.

Facebook is slowly and surely becoming a messaging-only app. But they’re not going away and neither will Twitter. But what’s keeping them around?

I see people constantly ask “why can’t we create a competitor to Facebook or Twitter?”

Because folks the tech game is rigged. The winners and losers are already picked beforehand. Let me explain.


Their “started from the bottom now we here” stories are all bullshit.

Notice how Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others all have these magical stories of being up all night in some computer lab on the campuses of Harvard? Or being up all night in a garage starting this giant computer company.

I’m not saying some of that stuff didn’t happen…but there are HUGE, GAPING holes in their stories and they seem to “planted” if you know what I mean.

And also notice not that long after Facebook really picked up that they made a movie about how Facebook came to be. Whenever you see a movie come out that fast about something it’s usually damage control.

So Mark..while you were building this elaborate script in a computer lab at Harvard where the fuck did you get server space when all these college kids started to input their data and upload photos? Hmmmmm…

And looking at what these scripts are being used for today you’ll see how they may have been approached and helped out by some entities who would be miiiiiiiighty interested in getting their hands on that kind of data.

A case of “we heard what you’re doing and we’re a fan, we’d like to get involved, and we’re with the government.”

Another sign is they always pick some non-threatening, nerdy little SJW to play the role. Some sissy they can parade around to do keynote speeches and further the sissification of the American male. Thought it would be noteworthy to add that.

But anyways….so if on the surface they’re just an ad platform then what are they REALLY? I’m glad you asked…

Gauging Political Dissent – The REAL Reason For Social Media

And watch there will be idiots saying this is conspiracy theory. LMAO. Like I said, I’m writing this article as a software engineer with YEARS of experience in taking these social media platforms apart, putting them back together and outsmarting their developers to spam their users and get past countermeasures.

I’ve been playing chess with their developers for years as well as many other people in my field.

But that’s what it’s all about folks. They want, no they NEED to know a few things as it relates to how you feel about those who say they have authority over you.

Check this out…

If you’ve noticed there’s been a ramping up in political discourse online. Meme wars, roasts, debates under tweets by known figures. People go at it for hours, sometimes days, sometimes even longer.

People now more than ever are involved in political conversations online. Endless threads, arguments on Facebook posts stretching for miles. We’ve all seen them.

This kind of data is the most crucial data to have. There are 325 million people in America. It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of how we think. The internet has made information readily available. We can now debunk any propaganda with a single voice search on Google.

Government, when you break down it’s root components means “mind control”. If they don’t control your mind they don’t control you. And if they don’t control the minds of the collective they lose the illusion of control.

Big government/globalisation propagandists put a LOT of shit out there. A lot of content, a lot in to the conversation to help steer opinion and thoughts of everyday Americans.

But they’re constantly testing. They need to see effective their propaganda is, how well it’s working. Without a feedback mechanism they’re just taking shots in the dark. With social media in place they now have that feedback mechanism. They can see how much is working on how many people based on what they post, keywords, etc.


They ALL feed to the NSA.

Yes, ALL social media platforms do. Ed Snowden blasted this information to the public and had to flee the country. He wasn’t stating something we didn’t already know. But with hard evidence of it being done he knew we could now see first hand how it’s being done.

So why would Ed Snowden fear for his life after releasing this data to the public? Because, like I said, gauging political dissent is the most power form of data aggregation that can be had. And the social controllers behind the scenes can’t afford to give that up. Not with the years of work put in to set the spy grid all up and gain the trust of the public to use social media regularly now.

These social media platforms not only feed to the NSA but they sort your data out first in the name of “target marketing”, put you in databases according to the profile you build of yourself, THEN your data gets sent to the N.S.A.

So you see they cover themselves by saying they’re an ad platform but they’re really a data mining operation to get the following information about you:

– who do you think is really in charge

– how you feel about who you think is really in charge

– what you’re preoccupied with in your day to day life

– do you ever question authority

– do you feel authority is valid


That’s the information they REALLY want.


But a few things to note about social media platforms…


They have no idea what they’re doing.

These big tech giants seem like they have everything figured the fuck out. They have no fucking idea. I can tell by their scripting and technologies used for different purposes that they outsource a great deal of actual hard coding for pennies on the dollar.

Typical I.T. outsourcing to India I’d say for a lot of their scripting. Like I said I’ve been playing chess with their developers for years and I know when I’m playing against amateurs.

And listening to the hearings in front of congress by these big tech geniuses they seem to be anything but.

They follow no diversity laws.

These big tech companies tell you all day abou thow SJW they are. Yeah…right. There’s a reason not a lot of people see the inside of Facebook’s offices or Twitter. Because they don’t have a diverse workplace. Which I personally don’t give a fuck about but for companies to be so radically left wing and scream about diversity they sure have none of that going on in their own offices.


In closing…

When you use social media platforms be sure you know what you’re dealing with and what is being used against you. This is part of a spy grid/control grid that’s ultimately being used for the purpose of transhumanism…which I’ll cover more at a later date.


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