The Baby Must Be Thrown Out With The Bathwater

So many times people want to cherry pick and hold onto their favorite institution and forsake the rest. The compartmentalization of society facilitates this. For example, people generally agree that government is a body that shouldn’t be trusted, yet they always have their guy or gal they feel is going to be different once the get in office. Folks agree they want a peaceful world yet they get behind statist propaganda without even giving it a second look.

People say they would never take the mark of the beast yet slave away at some dehumanizing, meaningless job…hooked up in some form or fashion to a computer where they are nothing more than automatons moving data from one space to another. I call it what it is, one step away from being curled up in a fetal position soaking in a pod, being fed off of like in the movie The Matrix.

It’s difficult to grasp the fact that if one part is rotten, the whole is indeed rotten. The microcosm is the macrocosm. The problem is in paradigm, the line of vision. It’s too linear and not at all holistic. One insane, anomalous pillar of society props up the next. The “justice system” supports the “health system” which supports the “education system” and so on. The individual that takes a step back and plays the roll of objective observer, unbiased, and armed with intuitive pattern recognition will see that all parts of the whole are destructive and taking us anti-human.

The way society has been engineered is so that you never consciously get to be that objective observer. Whether it’s by day to day minutia, stress, perpetuated fear (often fostered by the media), or the fragmented mind of the system’s slave citizen, most will never understand that all elements of the machine are a disease and need to be done away with.

All our lives we’ve been influenced by bullshitters in suits, acting out their parts, pretending they know what the hell is going on, playing a confidence game with those they seek to rule. All the while not knowing anything about anything. That alone would make a sane man or woman question authority….but it doesn’t.

Regardless if it’s your average pedophile politician or your average stooge cop, they are all born n bred from the same machine. Different institutions, but the same damned machine. It’s a pyramid. The same fucking pyramid they put in your face every chance they get to let you know what a “great work” they’re doing.

But what is the “great work” producing? I see a bunch of smiling depressives, acting, pretending, feigning just to make it through another day of dehumanization.

I myself being in Information Technology, can tell you that the digital prison being built for us is just the cherry on top. Everybody gets nervous when you bring up transhumanism, not fucking realizing how close you are to being a machine already. Corporations suck the souls and good years out of millions of people while we look up at the sky for answers asking why.

Psychopaths and sociopaths manage to climb the corporate pyramidal structure the quickest because of their machine like maneuvering and mental processes while we turn our heads away from the exploitation of third world slave labor.

How is it that children who at one time are innocent, their faces turning towards the sun in amazement of the miracle of it, one day becomes an indebted serf, stuck in a cubicle, barely getting to see the sun except out of some office window only in fleeting moments before it’s back to an excel sheet?

All of the points I’ve just made are all symptoms of a root cause. And each layer of root causes, when peeled back, seemingly leads to more root causes. If the ultimate root cause is individual self loathing embedded deep in the psyche that spans thousands of years of human existence then it’s pretty safe to say no ridiculous fucking institution is going to magically bail us out. No suit, no corporate logo, no political scheme, no slogan, no $300 an hour therapy session is going to fix what really needs fixed.

Everything must go. It all must be reset. The earth knows it, nature knows it, the Universe knows it….and deep down in your soul of souls you know it. There is no salvaging anything. The same way a thunderstorm, as violent and terrible as it is, gives way to rebirth and regeneration. We get through it.

We can consciously do it. We can decide to do it then execute.

We can be proactive and really get down to the bottom of our collective self loathing as a species or it’s going to happen involuntarily. Everything we do, all of our resources, our very human essence, is all being used to prop up a failed state of existence. How we do know this? Look around. I’m not coming from a pessimistic point of view, but of optimism.

We can ignore the recklessness of our choices but we cannot and will not dodge the consequences.

Governments, monetary systems, legal systems, education systems, all systems, anything you can fit into boxes, it all has to be gotten rid of. It’s foreign, it’s alien, it’s all based in slavery and it all will come down. There is no option B. The earth is well aware of the cancer spreading throughout her body and is also well aware that it’s going to get rid of it by either having the cancer eating itself or her disposing of it by other means.

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