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No Leftists, You Would Not Win A Civil War

To be honest I shouldn’t even have to be writing this article because it’s common fucking sense. But be that we’re dealing with a mob of people with absolutely zero common sense…here I am…writing this article.

It’s obvious what’s going on here ladies and gentlemen. The left is pushing for something they want no part of. A civil war. And just for the record, just so we’re clear, I, Gabriel Anton, do NOT want that. I’m a web developer/software engineer/entrepreneur. A civil war fucks my plans up and sort of ruins my day. But I AM first and foremost a Marine. Infantry/Security Forces to be exact. My back is still strong and I’m still young and well read. And I, like millions of other veterans here in America, want to be left the fuck alone and not bothered by big government zombies.

I also will make the disclaimer that I do not, and will never advocate for any offensive force or threat thereof or disturbing of the peace. This article is to tell patriots and leftist radicals alike the facts. The objective information that isn’t given to them by corporatist democrat mainstream media.

But it’s becoming increasingly clear that the radical left aka THE left doesn’t want to accept our choice for president. They’ve been talking about this Russia bullshit for over 2 years now. No evidence, no nothing. Just a bunch of smoke-blowing while REAL criminals like the Clintons, Obama, Eric Holder, etc. breathe free fucking air.

It’s bad enough these criminals are roaming free and doing book signings. But now they’re pressing lines to get Trump impeached. It’s like these people want to know the limits of our patience.

And now they’ve recruited this total DISGRACE and embarrassment to the Marine Corps in Robert Mueller to head this phony charge against Trump. The left thinks by putting on this charade of suits and paperwork that they’ll be able to sell us on removing the man we elected president.

So real socialist, treasonous, seditious criminals roam free while they go after Trump on some shit they made up that in all actuality THEY themselves are guilty of.

So you see the storm is brewing.

Lately there’s been an uptick in articles and polls, even across mainstream news sites, tech blogs, about the prospect of a second civil war. The majority of their audience are leftist goofballs who have no idea what real life is. They’ve been incubated in their leftist bubbles, talking to and associating with nothing but other leftist morons.

They’ve never been in a fight in their short, sweet, uneventful pathetic excuses for lives and their only contact with “violence” would be the simulated imagery they see in TV and movies or video games.

But they’re being primed to turn a hard sell into a soft sell.

The reality:

Every few hundred years, or in some cases decades, countries go through the same phenomenon we’re going through now. People with common sense, producers, people who don’t want to be fucked with by government eventually lose their patience with the parasitic, evil, demented, non-producers of their day. The parasites demand more. They don’t stop. The create arbitrary rules on the fly and attempt to quell the expression of the producers.

We see this in the purge of conservatives in social media. I’ve personally been hit by this with my Twitter account being suspended for tweeting about pro-gun shit. Google, Twitter, Facebook, all of them have been on a rampage banning conservatives for anything and everything they possibly can. Milo gets banned on Twitter for clowning the ugly bitch from Ghostbusters while Peter Fonda tweets about wanting Trump’s 12 year old son to be locked in a cage with pedophiles and Twitter leaves him alone.

This is clearly the push of an agenda.


And what frustrates me the most (and also what makes me laugh the hardest) is that the left in this country have no idea what they’re up against. They don’t know what they don’t know. This is the case with the left with just about everything. But it should really concern them as it matters to a possible civil war, but it doesn’t.

It’s called “unconscious ignorance”. It’s not being aware of something you NEED to be aware of going into a situation. And not being aware of it can get you seriously fucked up.

No doubt there are social controllers at the top of all of this. They’re the ones responsible for this radical big government push in academia. So you have a bunch of lobotomized, idiot college kids being indoctrinated by college professors who refused to compete in the free market. Instead they ran to a college campus to carve out a living projecting their self loathing on to college students.

And now look.

But I wanted to do my part in spreading information to hopefully stop this before it starts. So I’m breaking down as much objective data as possible to let you know how this plays out in real life..

Leftists’ Personnel

Your “muscle” has no muscle.

We patriots citizens and veterans are fully aware of your counter-measures, personnel, and capabilities. If you can even call them that. And they go as follows.

College Kids

There are professional college-going punk kids who let their radical, silver-ponytail having, permanent acid tripping, college professors fill their heads with Marxist bullshit. So much so that they never want to compete in the free market. They feel once they graduate that money should just fall on them or they’ve been done wrong. And their professors reinforce this to the point where they’re willing to take to the streets.

A lot of these kids are in school on daddy’s money and wear Che Guavarra t-shirts because they think it’s cool and trendy. These kids know nothing of communism, conflict, combat, or real life. A lot of the socialist activists come out of this crowd as well as Antifa. Which brings me to the next personnel group.


This is who the leftist media REALLY winds up to get in streets. Which proves how disconnected the heads of the left and the social controllers above them really are. If this is the group they’re counting on to put up a fight then they already know they have no chance.

But let’s dissect who the fuck these clowns even are.

These guys and gals are skinny, teen-angst filled, misguided, wannabe-communists who can’t get laid. Most of their angst comes from that fact alone. They have no idea about the military or veterans, or objective reality period.

Too skinny, too fat, or both (skinny-fat), video game head, pop culture junkie ass, anime watchin’ ass, pop-tarts for breakfast ass, goofy lookin’ ass muthafuckas. I mean just look at a random sampling of these nerds. If they weren’t such degenerates I would almost feel bad the leftist media is marching them out here against us to get fucked up.

It’s almost like hitting a girl. These effeminate sissy-boys have never been to a gym, never been in a fight, hate anything masculine and have been raised to. Never have been in the military nor would they ever join. The closest thing they get to anything military related is playing Call of Duty. And I promise you that won’t get them ready for any civil war.

They’re all geeks that can’t get pussy and have way too much time on their hands. It’s sad that they even attempt to organize to feel important. But I’m bringing them up because the leftist media thinks these guys are a factor. And I’m here to remind you they’re not. As evidenced any time they confront a gathering of veterans. These nerdballs get stomped everytime.

Believe it or not this is the group corporatist democrat media thinks is their actual muscle. Which tells you how pathetic and disconnected the left is overall. Antifa is like CNN’s ground forces. They will get demolished with minimal effort.


Unorganized, cowardly, and undisciplined. Most of them can’t shoot or fight and will scatter the second they think they’re in real danger. Most of the these self proclaimed “gangsters” are skinny, malnourished kids looking for Jordans and a father figure. And just so we’re clear I’m talking about all races from the inner city. I, myself, was raised in the city and can tell you this is how it goes.

These are the same punks you see rioting for everything. They riot because cops stand down or are told to. The numbers work in they’re favor when then show up in mobs. The thing is in an all-out civil war they won’t have numbers anymore. We the veteran class, the American warrior class have the numbers. They won’t last long.

These lowlives are a joke in any real situation. I grew up in the city and I can tell you the majority of these dudes are scared, little squeeky kids who fold under the first sign of pressure. That’s why the “no snitching” policy is so reinforced. Because they all eventually snitch on each other to avoid jail time.

Besides the fact that most of these gangs fight with each other. And most likely would if things went hot. They’d turn one against another due to no discipline or organizational skills. Not to mention this new age of social engineering in urban areas through rap culture has these “boys” wearing skirts and crying like a bunch of emo bitches. C.I.A.-manufactured inner city culture is now about fashion and sissification. Most of these ducks won’t even show up for a showdown with patriots. They know the deal.

But I mention them because that’s who the left is getting really cozy with as of late, putting their faith in this wild card. But even this group poses no real threat to the American Warrior Class.

Leftists’ Resources

Virtually nothing. Most of their sub-cultures relish the fact that they’re victims. Most of them don’t produce shit for the free market so they’re not working with much. They pride themselves on not participating in free-market capitalism so in return they don’t feel they have anything to defend. They feel that way because they ultimately don’t.

Everything the left acquires, publically and privately, they have to steal. Why do you think the top leftist politicians are known thieves. Look at the Clinton Foundation. Proof positive that these people only gain from robbing those under them. They’re all like that. And they’re all collectivists until it’s time to share resources with fellow leftists. Then it’s every person for themselves.

They have nothing to start with and will finish with nothing.

Leftist’s Terrain

Major cities are cesspools of crime and liberalism. It’s where idiot leftists and the underbelly of society merge. It’s a concentration camp of Marxists. They’re all close together and think it’s beautiful.

As stated before I grew up in the middle of the city. When I joined the Marines I lived outside, in the field, among nature for weeks at a time. Even though it was to train for the battlefield I bonded with the outdoors and became one with it, as corny as that sounds. But from then on I knew I was never going back to the city to live. Ever.

Most patriots are in suburban to rural areas. Specifically to stay away form the concentration-camp shit holes that are major cities. We stay as far away from them as possible because of the toxic people and idealogies.

But outside of the cities, in those suburban to rural areas, we control the terrain. We train out here, we shoot out here. Our way of life is out here. From an operational standpoint we have leftist personnel already surrounded.

And those of us who are veterans who’ve trained for urban close-quarters combat know all terrain where battle could be had. So not only are you surrounded but we veterans have all land covered. So in short we surround you, and thoroughly know our environment as well as yours.

Leftists’ Capabilities.

They have the media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and social media platforms. But this is all in the name of compensating for what they lack in actual might and force. They have to be the loudest to drown out all ideas that threaten to cut through their lies.

They play semantics to mix up meanings of words to get you to debate with them on their terms. Terms like “assault weapons” and “undocumented immigrant” which translated into their real meanings would be “tyranny repellant” and “foreign invader”.

But the left’s control of the media actually works to their disadvantage. Because while they talk the loudest and are useful in weaponizing propaganda to rile up their audiences they won’t tell them the overwhelming forces they’re up against.

The mainstream media has always been an apparatus built on propaganda but because they’re in the business of deception they won’t give the real story to leftist radicals they’re trying to wind up. The story of how and why they will get put down in any scenario of an uprising.

The Leftists’ Last Resort – U.N. Troops

Oh they’ve been wanting to drop these muthafuckas on U.S. soil for the longest time. The global village pushers stay awake at night thinking, pondering, contemplating ways to find an excuse to drop ’em over here.

And keeping it 100…these are the REAL “muscle” in the this whole agenda. We know they’ve been indoctrinated to hate Americans. They’ve been told all their lives we’re the cause of all the world’s problems. They’re told over and over how America is the nuke police and we’re interventionist imperialists. They’re taught that if and when they’re sent over here they’ll be commissioned to stop the big bad bully.

This isn’t conspiracy theory either. Only to the dumbed down civilian population. Many of us veterans know this to be true and laugh when the civilian world doesn’t want to believe it.

Obama even thew subliminals at Texas about the possibility of U.N. troops on American soil when drills were conducted as a way to intimidated them. It didn’t work.

And I say with absolute certainty that if ever U.N. boots touch American soil to meddle in our affairs, whatever the business is, we will make sure they never make it back home. That is a solemn promise.

Now on to We, The American Warrior Class.

Our Personnel.

President Trump.

Trump is our guy. There’s a reason Trump has a reverent respect for us. He made it a point to raise money for veterans on numerous occasions as well as bring us to the podium for speeches on the campaign trail and even while he’s President.

Trump knew he needed the backing of we, the American Warrior Class to get to the White House. We are the deciding factor. Because we’re the actual muscle, the threat of force should liberty ever be under siege. Trump, the President, is transported by Marines. The White House has Marines on post.

And for all the leftists who talk about Trump not going to Vietnam I’m going to say this one time and one time only. I salute all of our Vietnam veterans and their sacrifice. Now hear this…Trump wore a bulletproof vest for over a year, day in and day out in front of crowds of thousands of people, putting himself in harm’s way for the sake of saving America. And continues to do so to this day. That’s what I call “duty to country”. So no, I don’t care that he didn’t go to Vietnam.

And most of you liberals who bring this up never served yourselves nor would you. Nor would you let your kids serve. And we both know it. So if you EVER find yourselves mentioning this and think “Ah, I got him”…no, you don’t. If you didn’t serve then keep your mouth shut on this subject.

Non-military Gun Owning Patriots.

There are almost 100 million gun owners here in America. And if you haven’t noticed by now the anti-gun leftists aren’t in that crowd. Patriots here in America embrace the spirit of their forefathers. That same rogue, rustic, anti-tyranny mentality is alive and well in them. They’ve been raised right and raise their kids right.

They’ve managed to avoid the big-government brainwashing and stayed independent. Many of these men and women have military, veterans, and police in their families so they have a vested interest in America staying free.

This group is as fierce as any and is one of the many reasons the social controllers mark them as bad news and seek to demonize them at every turn.

Active Duty Military

Along with having Trump in the White House comes command over active duty military. Even with all of the damage done by a socialist sissy like Obama, purging our great Generals and fighting men from service, there is still a majority of patriots in active duty service. The same ingraining of right and wrong is present in training today as it was when I served.

These warriors will be used, if anything, to control and put down any socialist uprising or acts of sedition should a coup attempt occur.

Police – State And Feds

An overwhelming number of police are patriots who won’t back down to any attempts to overthrow our republic. There are definitely a few bad apples in this bunch but the majority understand what their role would be in all of this.

Any rank and file officers who choose to fight for the left would more than likely be checked by the patriots within their own circles and weeded out. A lot of police today and know exactly what’s going on. They take their oaths seriously and will be on the right side of history should the left decide to jump stupid.

Many of officers in uniform to day are made up of the group I’m about to talk about next…


I am a United States Marine veteran (or as some of us like to say “inactive duty”). I speak for many veterans when I say we are ready and willing to defend our way of life however we have to.

There are 21.8 million veterans here in America. Many of us are trained in combat M.O.S.’s. We are professionally trained warriors. I as a Marine, infantry and security forces, can tell you that we are the best fighting force the world has ever, and will ever know.

Veterans aren’t just the old-timers you see walking around with Vietnam veteran baseball caps with service medals pinned to them. And even those men and women are still bad to the bone. And believe you me, if shit comes down to the come-down they’ll even get their hands dirty too.

A lot of we veterans are in our 20’s and 30’s. Still young, still sharp, still well-trained and fully capable of defending liberty with furious righteous indignation. We’re the guys in the gym still doing 20 pull-up sets like it’s nothing. Running 3 miles on the treadmill and maintaining military-level fitness standards. And I can tell you this affirmatively…no matter what clothes we’re in or how long we’ve been out…a Marine is still a Marine and a warrior is still a warrior.

WE are the deciding factor as to who has authority or not. Not the U.N., not the globalist social engineers, not Soros, not the Rothschilds…WE do.

The American Spirit.

No this isn’t just some vague, superstitious idea to be written off. It’s a real thing. It’s the strength of resolve to remain sovereign and mostly free. Half of America has been domesticated but a large percentage of us haven’t. Especially we veterans. We’ve learned complex weapons systems, lived outside, bonded with and mastered the elements. We’re trained, and in many cases OVER-trained for war. And we also know that slavery is worse than death.

Conclusion. A Message And Warning To Leftists.

Leftists…you don’t have the numbers. You don’t have the personnel. You don’t have the training. You don’t have the resources. You don’t have the fortitude. You don’t have the will. And you don’t have cause. We, the American Warrior Class have all of those things in spades.

Never have you been, nor ever will you be prepared for a fight with we the American Warrior class. Many of you will not listen and with unconscious ignorance you’ll take to the streets to get stomped out. But yet and still, I urge you to study the 20th century and rethink being used up by leftist media.

You want absolutely nothing to do with a civil war with us. Trust us.

Semper Fidelis.

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