How To Detox And Immune Yourself To Social Engineering

While the title of this post contains the phrase “how to” this by no means is a strict guide. What I will show you is bare minimum but at the same time enough to get you started down your own solid path to getting your mind out of the hands of controllers.

If you don’t know you’ve been subject to social engineering then you may need to read this more than anybody.

Since before the stork dropped you into your mother’s loving arms there was a plan set in motion to make sure you never find out who and what you are. If a being is to understand it’s purpose it must have some sense of it’s origins. And if information about it’s origins is absent then a healthy intent on find out must be felt.

The template for programming everything you are has made sure that you never know who and what you are AND that you never even question it. And if it ever does cross your line of thinking they make sure to deflate it by peer pressure to get back in line, shut up, and not give a fuck. Because after all, who would relate to a person who questions everything?

That is social engineering. A set, predetermined program of mini loops within the mind that cause programmed behavior and response to stimuli. You’re given plenty of pseudo options and false freedoms within their parameters so that you think you’re truly free. But if you take a look around and look at all the boxes and squares that surround you in everyday life, and really take notice, you’ll see a pattern. A pattern of never ending squares meant to contain life and expression.

It’s about absolute control. And absolute control is ultimately about absolute fear.

If you’re smart enough to read this article then you’re smart enough to get that man attempts to control the unknown. And if he is overcome by behavioural patterns in the Universe that simply aren’t to be fucked with then he turns mad with rage and self loathing.

This is why you’re a number within the system. As stated before you never got to check a box to opt in to have any number placed on you. The human element is about names, Remember “the Word was with God and the Word was God”. Words, names, sounds which represent symbols, and the data extracted from that expression, that is the most sacred thing we have on this level of consciousness. Inner dialogue also falls into that category.

So what the hell happened? A name means nothing, words are used in psychological warfare, mass deceit via word magic and bull shit mottos. All the sacredness of a spoken word suddenly becomes secondary to a number.

A number placed on you.

Your coordinates of where are you are on this planet can be calculated on a grid… exact number. The grid is nothing more than more boxes. A box that serves to contain you and control you.

Consider nature. Go out in to the woods, by a stream, as far away from man’s machinations as possible until you can’t see any buildings or anything else, just nature. Nature isn’t comprised of boxes, nature is all curves. Trees growing branches wherever they like, taking whatever angles they like. Leaves each with different shapes and structures. No cubes, no squares, no boxes, just curves.

Many of our most cherished psychologists, at least the ones who gave a damn about our collective psyche and knew we were fucking ourselves up, always made it a paramount point in their work to state that nature is therapy for the fragmented, socially engineered mind.

Waterfalls, rain forest, beaches, and or my personal favorite, the woods, all have something in common. They all display a perfect balance of chaos and order, something man cannot replicate in his current state of collective mental trauma. Nature expresses itself by shooting trees up as high as it wants to, providing for its own. We build skyscrapers so that corporate sociopaths can carry on spreading their cancerous mad scrambles of destruction and chaos.

Now that I’ve created a contrast, here are some beginners notes on breaking out of the world of boxes and into a more natural state of mind.

  1. Acknowledge that nothing you’ve been told is objective truth.

They say the first step in the road to recovery is realizing you have a fucking problem. The ego will immediately kick in and say “wait a minute, ain’t no way in hell I could have been fooled about that much shit for that long, and besides, I’ve had some pretty credible people in my life giving me insight.” It’s all bullshit.

The people who you’ve deemed credible about ANY motherfucking thing have only made suggestions. Suggestions are passed down generation to generation in an act of sadism and and for the purpose of exerting control. I don’t give a fuck if it’s your parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers. It doesn’t matter. There are an infinite amount of things to know and the life span of man is typically 70-80 years if that. So as the late Terence McKenna put it so eloquently…”nobody knows shit.” It’s all a con game.

You can stand on the shoulders of giants in different areas of research but unless you have strong pattern recognition skills an bullshit filters set in place, all the research in the world won’t do you any good. The supreme process of deciphering what’s what is EXPERIENCE. Personal fucking experience and reasoning. Sorry buddy but that’s what you have to start and end with. NEXT…

  1. Stop being afraid of the possibility that the truth is some horrific thing.

Because I’ve got good news for you. IT IS HORRIFIC. We must embrace truth in all its beauty and horror. Perception gives you a little bit of local leeway as far as truths go but overall, there are behavioral patterns (not laws as the stooge level scientists would mislead you to believe) within the Universe that cannot be altered, at least not by us at this point in time or on this plane of existence.

The horror of the truth is that there is a behavioral pattern called gravity, and if you jump off a cliff you will splat on impact. The beauty is that you can choose not to jump. And that you can tell others not to jump.

That’s obviously a metaphor speaking to the point I’m making. Realize you’ve been born in to a slavery-based, box world where the automaton is rewarded and the chaotic, free spirit is looked at as evil. Uniformity is worshiped and individualism will get you lynched. The reason you love all the movies like Matrix, The Truman Show, and many others is because the social engineers produce different mediums to help you externalize your own struggle with internal, natural chaos and order so that you never actually engage it yourself.

  1. Be prepared to spend long periods of time…alone…reading…and meditating.

No not some yoga meditation type of bull, I mean meditation as far as reasoning, filtering, recognizing patterns and what makes sense to you and how it corresponds to your unique, individual human experience. There is required reading. A LOT of required reading. For God’s sakes you’ve been read and indoctrinated with the most ridiculous shit ever devised all throughout your “education” and everything else.


This is part of the detoxing process. The social engineers have fashioned the human mind and human response to not be able to sit and read for extended periods of time. The system has a way of find the folks that are through the “education system” which is nothing more than a way to gauge who will be useful to them and immediately bombard them with mental poison so they never figure shit out on their own.

It’s a backup system of compartmentalization. It’s the social engineers’ insurance that you never find out about them and or most importantly…so that you never find out about YOU. Toxic chemicals, prescription drugs, TV, sports, meaningless conversation with the hive mind population, are all meant to keep you out of books and rationalizing anything. In order to fight this shit off you have to be willing to read. Especially in the morning and right before you go to sleep. That way your ego is the least involved and won’t get in the way of logic as easily. In other posts I’ll be giving you some books to start out with.


Holy shit if I had to only pick one out of any of these it would be this one by FAR. You ARE nature, nature is you. You are an expression of it. You are what the Universe is doing and focusing on right now. You locally, and us globally. But just focus on yourself in this regard. Being alone in nature is the closest you’ll get on this plane of existence to perfect harmony amid the cancerous suits, sociopaths, man made laws, and the world of boxes.

A waterfall is actually a natural cure. Starting with the mind and then reflected in the body.

A tree has wisdom far beyond quantifying. How the fuck did all our ancestors know this inherently but we’ve been untaught this? The grass, the air, a thunderstorm, all of it is you and you are it. When you close your eyes in a forest and feel the breeze against your face, hearing the rhythmic waves of sound that carry a combination of birds, insects, the wind against the leaves still on branches. THAT is what you are. FAR removed from boxville and the 3 piece suited pretenders.

Nature and you’re acknowledgement of being a part of it is your TRUE essence and real self. You’ll read books in all different disciplines in your journey and they will all lead you to the fast moving stream.

There are many other steps to take, some small, some great, but all personal and unique to you. The ones listed above are what I believe to be global, as they apply to all. With that said, this should get you started to at least think about detoxing to the world of falsehoods and facades.

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