The Meme Is Correct – Liberals Are NPC’s Of Life

What’s causing me to sit down and take the time to write this article is all of the hysterical ass shit I’ve been seeing over the past few days concerning the “NPC” meme. And as a software engineer this whole episode has been has really pointed out some truths concerning liberals and SJW’s. It’s both super weird and fucking hilarious at the same time. And for multiple reasons.

One being that by default this meme is set up to ONLY piss off NPC’s.

For those of y’all not familiar with what an NPC is…it stands for Non-Playable Character. Like those found in a video game environment that are part of the game. For instance when you play a video game, you, a real person on the controller, controlling your character moving around in the environment will go engage with other characters in the environment. The developers of the game program the Non-Playable Characters with set responses based on if/then logic.

IF:the human player does or says this THEN:this will be the response.

It’s basic programming logic. To a degree this is how a human being operates in the real world. Except for one thing…we can program our ourselves. We don’t necessarily need external stimuli to program us. We have INTERNAL DIALOGUE and INTROSPECTION. We have filters we can develop to determine our choices and responses to consequences of choices. NPC’s don’t.

NPC’s do exactly what they’re programmed to do. Their if/then commands and loops can only be changed by updates from the programmers who made them.

Enter the mind of a liberal. They are totally made of a set of pre-programmed responses. No internal dialogue, no filtering, no introspection, no analyzation, no creative thought, no original thought, no correlative faculties of thought, nothing. Just a cold, blank, fluoride stare.

This type of programmed behavior also carries traits of sociopathy and an inability to form any meaningful bonds with other people. In part because they believe they are “everybody” already. That’s why the fake diversity (diversity of appearance not diversity of thought) is pushed so hard on the left. To make it easy for a liberal to just merge in with the crowd. Which incidentally is what cowards do for survival by the way.

NPC’s/liberals/leftists hate intelligence and intelligent people.
And make no mistake about it…it’s pure hatred. Now it’s important to differentiate between intellect and intelligence. Intellect can leave you scared, shocked, and stupid. Most of the contemporary “intellectuals” you see making media round and hitting lecture circuits are plum fucking idiots and degenerates.

Intellect is left-brained regurgitation of shit that was told to you by some other know-nothing. Intellect is measured by how well you can spit back what’s been told to you. No trial and error, no practical application executed by you. No. Just blind recollection of whatever even if it’s bullshit. And most of the time it is.

Intelligence is something different. It requires CREATIVITY. It requires asking “why?”. It requires inner dialogue and introspection. It’s the reason intellect even has a place. But leftists lack intelligence. This is evidenced in so many facets of social interaction. Like not understanding nuance, not being able to process abstract ideas, no sense of humor, not recognizing or grasping sarcasm. Not to mentioned being intimidated by people who DO have qualities of creativity and intelligence. The left consists of boring, bland, low-information people who have no inner dialogue.

This also explains why despite a whole century of people starving to death because of socialism they still want to give it one more shot here in America. As if the whole 20th century was never uploaded into their database.

The left is a group of NPC’s because that’s what they were manufactured to be.
Meaning they’ve been built by a big government indoctrination machine aka the system. They all have the same responses to the same shit by design. Their “developers” were social engineers who have reverse engineered the human mind a million different ways and know what makes us tick. And the weak minded (liberals) are easily manipulated.

Liberals are non-playable characters of life.

They don’t know. They don’t know that they don’t know and they don’t care. Not to get too spiritual here but if you don’t know and don’t care that you don’t know then you’re not self-aware. And if you’re not self-aware then how far are you away from being an automaton? And if you’re a software program that means you have no soul. It means you’re the walking dead.

The left realizes how NPC they are.

The left has been calling for silicon valley to ban this meme altogether. LMAO. Imagine that. Imagine being so weak-minded and emotionally reactionary that you cry to your social media overlords to outlaw a FUCKING MEME, an image of a blank-faced grey figure containing a joke. These SJW, leftist buffoons are incapable of realizing that by showing how triggered they are by it they are SELF IDENTIFYING as NPC’s.

It’s a joke that makes the person offended the butt of the joke therefore making them out themselves. And because liberals can’t process abstract ideas they snitch on themselves every single fucking time.

This fully embodies what I stated before about lacking the ability to process abstract thought.

In closing I just have to say that this meme is fucking genius because it’s a soft checkmate on liberals, the same ones who claim intellectual superiority every chance they get. I’ll take intelligence over intellect any day. Why? Because I actually have internal dialogue.

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