Gun Control – The Intention Of Government To Kill You

Oh shit. Provocative headline alert. But the fact that you may even consider the headline to this article provocative or a reach is proof positive of your domestication. How do I know? Because ALL OF RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY TELLS YOU WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU.

They want to disarm you because they want you dead.

It’s as simple as that. There is no middle ground. There is no grey area. The only reason you would ever seek to disarm anybody is to gain an advantage over a potential victim. That is IT. The 20th century is nothing but a story of democide after governments talk their STUPID fucking citizenry into thinking being disarmed is a good thing. They’re dumbed down then tricked with low-brow propaganda.

It happens without fail 100% of the time. There’s a simple explanation for this that I’ll discuss in future articles and videos. But like I said, it happens EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME.

You Are The Government’s Enemy.

If you haven’t figured that out by now I don’t know what the fuck to tell you. Domestication is what makes you think government is your buddy.

The same way a lion thinks the zookeeper is his buddy because once in a while he comes around to feed him. No. The lion is the slave of the zoo. He’s there for amusement. He’s there to work and generate revenue for the zoo.

The lion has instincts that tells him he’s wild and needs to be in the Serengeti. Not in some fake fucking enclosure. The zookeeper and zoo are not his friends. They are his enemies. You are the lion and the zoo is government.

Propaganda Specialists – The Targeting Of Female Emotion

Ever notice how children are used to tug at heart strings of women so the men follow?

Propagandists know psychology. They know to attack the emotional centers of women. Women have pussy. Men produce to court women for mating purposes. If women are targeted for propaganda and it’s effective since they control the pussy men then are controlled by their urge for pussy. This basic component of human psychology has been used for thousands of years to CONTROL SLAVES.

The Crypto-Psychopaths

These would-be tyrants who want to disarm you put on the act very well. They’re well-rehearsed in how to put on their character. They smile, smirk, laugh, crack jokes and then seemingly become serious and somber when they say they must disarm you to stop the “gun violence”.

And you’ll notice communist, cowardly bitches like Eric Swalwell REALLY salivate at the thought of disarming the population. He makes it a vocal point of everything he says and does. Why? Because given the chance to disarm you the next step would be to kill you. Not himself committing any of the acts of course. He himself is a weakling coward who if ever confronted by a man of true valour would cower like the pussy pie, fuck boy that he is.

The physically cowardly are the mentally violent.

The people in society who fear physical confrontation the most, especially when it comes to matters of principle, are the MOST violent when it comes to issuing orders to execute the opposition. As long as they don’t have to take part in any PHYSICAL part of the implementation then they’re all go.

This is basic human psychology and after thousands of years we still don’t get it. What a fucking twilight-zone world we live in.

Censorship – the micro version of the macro.

Censorship is the mini-death. It’s the ritual pre-death. It’s the digital death. They hate that you don’t live in their fantasy world with them so they need to kill you, the proponent of the real world, so in their minds they can be closer to living in their fantasy world.

And when they silence you, ghost you, deplatform you, it’s symbolic of their urge to ultimately kill you. Which is the end to their aims.

There’s a reason censorship ALWAYS precursors all out, hot civil war. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. Censorship is the symbolic killing before the actual killing starts. Once again, cite history on this.

Censorship usually runs parallel with gun control. Because the fear of truth spreading and people strengthening resolve to stay free by force government rushes to disarm citizenry. They do this simultaneously attempting to also shut them up.

If you somehow think any of what I’m saying is a reach or exaggeration you’re naive, in the dark, and unaware of reality and history. And you’ll find out soon enough.

ALL governments want to kill it’s Citizens. And they always do.

Why? Because all governments are made of the same kinds of people. The same psychological profiles, carrying the same characteristics. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood.” This is true on the highest of levels. Generation after generation we have occurences of blood shed but for some reason we never learn. Why is that?

Because we don’t learn from history. The same mentalities have the same desire to go into government. They are parasites. And just like every parasite eventually it wants to full consume the life force of the host, killing the host and eventually itself. It’s an ARCHTYPE. It’s a profile. And every time period has their parasitic group calling themselves government.

Don’t be naive.

All it takes is a look through recent history and a little pattern recognition to discover exactly what all governments are. They’re all the same regardless of flag color and design they hide behind. They’re all the same types of people with urges to kill and victimize. The proof is in what they’ve produced behind them. Democide. And it all started with disarming the people.

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