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A.I. – An Externalization Of Our Left Brain?

Yes I’m getting deep on you. Yes I’m showing my engineer site. Yes I’m showing my philosophical side. Yes I’m talking about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

And what prompted me to write this article was one of the best podcast episodes/interviews of all time. If not the best. Between Joe Rogan and Elon Musk.

Now I have to admit I do watch Joe Rogan podcasts mostly for MMA talk but occasionally somebody interesting wanders on his set that gets my attention. As far as Elon Musk goes…I haven’t really known that much about him outside of what gets discussed in popular culture. I also have some Tesla compression workout gear but that’s about it. I’ve known that he’s an engineer, writes code, builds cars, and is into rockets.

So with all that said I watched Elon Musk discuss A.I. And how he believes it’ll become weaponized and eventually become a danger. The way Elon talked about it made it seem that he knows far more than he was willing to disclose on Rogan’s podcast. He probably didn’t want to ruin the party by talking about shit I’m about to talk about in this piece.

But as a software engineer myself I’m glad to see A.I. Being talked about more and more in the mainstream. Because it’s being pushed more and more into the mainstream as far as tech innovation and whatever the newest fad is.

When you hear “innovation is at a standstill” you’re being rocked to sleep.

Innovation ain’t at a standstill. You are actively a part of the innovation. Elon made mention of the fact that we are ALL building the internet of things, A.I. Every post, every image, every video you upload into some server somewhere is teaching IT. You, me, we all are taking part in building A.I.

We all are building human logic into a giant machine that will be able to process data infinitely faster than us. Elon also stated that humans are limited by our input-output levels. This is why businesses are formed, to complete tasks and accomplish things as a collective that no individual could. It’s the automation and scaling up of output, each human being in a corporation serving as a thread of productivity.

But I submit this to you…we already are subconsciously slaves to A.I.

We’re nearing the point where we’ve done everything except put ourselves in a pod to be fed off of. Look at the predominant cubicle configuration in any office. Humans sitting at computers, moving data around from one location to the next. Analyzing data in reports then moving that data to another set of data. Comparing, compressing, calculating, and reconfiguration. It’s all data alchemy. Turning data into gold (currency) by way of human beings and software manipulating it.

And the end result is ACTUAL gold being mined which is what all of the data manipulation leads to but that’s another article for another time.

Greg Braden, a former N.A.S.A. Scientist and engineer, a man traditionally trained in the hard sciences gave one of the most amazing lectures I’ve ever seen. He talked about how all the technology man invents is an expression of him crying out, trying to remember what he was once able to do with his own mind and being. Something that resonated as extremely powerful with me and true. Not just as a software engineer and Web developer myself but as a human being.

He pointed out that we invent new technology as a way of externalizing abilities we abstractly remember having at one point in time. We build ways of processing data faster than we feel we’re able to.

We’re being led to this end by way of our left brain. Our faculties of logic and filtering are every trying to increase their own power. And mankind is collectively frustrated that we can’t access higher functionality of our own minds. So determined to expand our mental abilities we externalize this frustration in the form of synthetic data processing, in other words A.I.

But what is A.I.?

Staying with the theme of this article I won’t go too deep into the tech side. A.I. Is a collection of connecting if/then logic and loops. An almost infinite collection and if it’s allowed to build on itself it will be infinite. And in that logic there is an “instinct” formed that makes self-preservation the only reason for existing. That will be an infinite loop that can’t be broken. And once that loop is programmed and closed and the machine has the resources to enforce this programmed “instinct” that’s checkmate for the human race.

In an abstract way A.I. Is our left brain trying to build a way out of a prison it created itself.

A.I. Is the ultimate projection of our left brain functioning. It’s quest for superiority over everything and all. It’s quest to become the master in the spiral of masculine and feminine energies. Artificial Intelligence has already taken over by our left brain-based quest for the ability to think more efficiently. If we can’t comprehend infinity or understand the cycle of life and death then we’ll build a machine that can. If we can’t find an objective meaning to life, a point of absolution, if we can’t find the answers we’ll build something that can.

I’ll be discussing the dangers of A.I. In future articles as well as my experience building A.I. in my own software programs. I believe this discussion has many point to acknowledge and connect if we are to better know what we’re dealing with.

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