Social Media API’s Are For Suckas

“Pweeze meesta developer man, please use our API’s so we can track everything you do on our platform.”…. HAYell nawl. You got me fucked up. I’ve seen so many social media management platforms and agencies go into panic mode whenever Twitter decided to change it’s API permissions.

It’s always the same do-gooder nerds complaining and blasting Twitter or some other platform for not giving them clear instructions on how NOT to violate the new terms.

Matter of fact I’ve seen muthafuckas’ whole software businesses go belly up over API changes. They were selling software that automated Twitter marketing then their app credentials got revoked. And those developers abandoned their software and disappeared into the black of internet night.

If you ain’t familiar with how Twitter devs torture software devs take a look at Crowdfire’s journey battling Twitter over ridiculous, ever changing “terms and conditions”. The reality is Twitter doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing when it comes to dev policies just like the rest of their “terms and conditions”. It’s all some fly-by-night bullshit they just make up as they go along and selectively enforce when it’s convenient.

And you want to abide by the platform devs’ rules?


I ain’t about to be at the mercy of the hands of soulless, LSD head, programmers in silicon valley.

Word to the programming wise…AUTOMATE THROUGH THE FUCKING BROWSER.

And not just that, randomize your loops/tasks for Gods’s sakes. I’m speaking from experience here.

I’ve been playing little chess games with Twitter developers since 2011. I remember when Twitter was a free-for-all as far as spam goes. Y’all remember it too.

Things have changed and the clamps are down. BUT they can’t stop a machine if their script sees tasks performed just like a human. That means randomizing time between time, randomizing tasks, spinning text in messages, etc.

You have to build software that mimics human behavior through the browser if you want longevitiy in this game.

And not just for you or your software but for the health of the accounts of your clients (if you manage social media accounts).

I’m saying this because.

  1. I care
  2. Not really, I just want software developers out there to stop being stupid and playing by the rules.

The truth is social media marketing is a bot war. Your software against theirs. Your job is to create software that is undetectable by theirs before you get zapped. Simple as that.

API’s are social media platforms’ way of automating the policing of activity.


Obviously browser automation isn’t the way to go in all cases. If you’re building an actual app, like a sign-in app or something then API’s are ok. But I’m talking about automating engagement (follows, unfollows, likes, reposts/retweets, etc.) in which case using API’s are suicide. 


Adhere to social media spam rules at your own marketing peril. They can and will change them on the fly then be vague as fuck when it comes to what they will and won’t allow. Automate marketing through the browser and appear to be human and you’ll last a lot longer.

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