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The Naivete Of The Left Concerning A Second Civil War

The information gap between REAL conservatives (especially veterans) and the average liberal is fucking astounding. There are leftists here in America who are actually convinced they’d have any shot against we the American warrior class in a war. Trying to engage a liberal (mainly online) about the prospect of a …

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Gun Control – The Intention Of Government To Kill You

Oh shit. Provocative headline alert. But the fact that you may even consider the headline to this article provocative or a reach is proof positive of your domestication. How do I know? Because ALL OF RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY TELLS YOU WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU. They want to disarm …

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Social Media Is Purging We Conservatives With Reckless Abandonment

Category: Political Weigh-ins The purge on conservatives, anybody who is on the right, is on. Leftist radicals in Silicon Valley have declared war on us so we declare war right back. Visit the website: Home Like on Facebook: Home Follow me on Twitter: Tweets by GabrielAnton COPYRIGHT: Copyright disclaimer under …

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The Baby Must Be Thrown Out With The Bathwater

So many times people want to cherry pick and hold onto their favorite institution and forsake the rest. The compartmentalization of society facilitates this. For example, people generally agree that government is a body that shouldn’t be trusted, yet they always have their guy or gal they feel is going …

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The Meme Is Correct – Liberals Are NPC’s Of Life

What’s causing me to sit down and take the time to write this article is all of the hysterical ass shit I’ve been seeing over the past few days concerning the “NPC” meme. And as a software engineer this whole episode has been has really pointed out some truths concerning …

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