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The Phony Outrage Files: The “Muslim Ban”

First of all let me just get this out of my system (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)….

Ok now I shall begin….

So lately our esteemed friends from the communist faction in America (aka the left) have been tearing holes in their shirts over President Trump wanting to suspend visas from countries known to harbor and support terrorists. In other words pro-terror states. Now take into account the countries Trump targeted don’t even have the largest muslim populations on the planet, matter of fact the top 7-8 muslim populated countries didn’t even make the list. And many think they should have.

But nevertheless the fake bleeding heart liberals are pouring water down their cheeks pretending they’re tears for their beloved muslim brethren. And it’s fucking hilarious. And let us explore why.

1. None of these leftist idiots have ever, nor would ever, step foot in ANY muthafuckin Islamic country. Not even the “progressive” ones. Wanna know why? Because they’d get killed quicker than you can say “religion of peace”. They don’t believe any of their own bullshit and neither should you. When the fuck was the last time you saw The Young Turks set up shop in Saudi Arabia for a day? Exactly, so get the fuck out of my face with that shit.

2. Feminists are all of a sudden social justice warriors for muslim refugees. Um, that’s kind of funny seeing as women are treated as dogs in muslim countries. Can’t vote, can’t leave the crib without a male, can’t drive, can’t go to school, and in many cases aren’t allowed to read. And get this feminists…they cut the clitoruses off of young girls so they can’t experience pleasure in adulthood. So that’s ok with you?

Also if a woman gets raped and tries to cry about it she might get stoned and killed in a “progressive” Islamic country.

You feminists try organizing in Bahrain and see what happens. LMAO. So shut your ugly, fat, stinky, bald headed, gauged ears having asses the fuck up.

3. Now let me be the first to tell you I believe in spirituality, but not organized religion. It’s all mind control and every single one is a derivation of some shit that happened thousands of years ago. Unfortunately most of the world’s population are too cotdamn lazy to research and figure this shit out so here we are.

Killing massive amounts of people in the name of “my god is real, yours ain’t.” BUT we have our wonderful atheist liberals to the rescue. Constantly lecturing the public on how fundamentalist Christians are taking over and turning our country into an empire of the church.

They tell you how religion is a cancer (which for the most part it is) but now they are coming to the aid of muslims at a record pace. “How dare you deny citizenship to people based on their religion you fascists!!!”…they say. But wait professor, didn’t you just say religion is a cancer? But you support bringing more of that shit here, and not only that, bringing more here who hate our whole way of life and want to change it and undermine the Constitution. Pick a side there son, you don’t get it both ways.

So long story short communists, you don’t believe any of the shit you say. You just want to be seen and heard because the majority of you are fat, stinking, piece of shit who don’t get attention for anything worthwhile. It’s the classic syndrome of wanting to feel strongly about something just to feel strongly about something and it looks fucking ridiculous. You don’t love muslims, you don’t know what the fuck Islam is. You’re just marching and tearing your graphic tees off your fat bodies for attention.

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