Why I Support Trump

Now I could’ve wrote a Facebook post, or tweeted it, or made a video about it, (which I eventually will do) but being that social engineering has worked on the masses so much to point where people like me have to explain ourselves line item by line item I decided to make this an actual post here on my website.

Disclaimer: If you can’t tell by the theme of my website or if you don’t know me personally…I am an anarcho-capitalist and a former United States Marine and veteran. I don’t believe in the validity of ANY god damned government nor do I give credence to any person or body of persons claiming to be an “authority”. Authority is a code word for slave master. And as the great Fredrick Douglass once so aptly put it “Knowledge makes man unfit to be a slave.”.

Government is nothing more than a bigger mob than your mob.

In the end its all mob rules. Early in every civilization a government or governing body is usually comprised of producers, be it doctors, carpenters, military officers, businessmen etc. Towards the end of a civilization the governing bodies become cesspits of non producers, beta males, cowards, leeches, and parasites.

Basically the most vile scum that society can possibly produce. The latter is a dictionary definition of Washington D.C. Today.Governments exist on the premise that we all need to be babysat. That we’ll all burn the joint down if left to our own devices, that we wish nothing but ill will on our fellow man.

This is projection 101. The government calls everything and everybody terrorists because they are the terrorists themselves, hence the strain on maintaining the monopoly of force.Oh and one more thing before I go into this…I don’t owe a muthafuckin’ soul on planet earth an explanation of anything.

I’m writing this because I want to, not because I have to vindicate myself for anybody. If you don’t like what you’re reading I want you to bottle me up some of your tears, seal it really tight, and drop it in the ocean. I’m sure it’ll find its way to me somehow.

Ahem…ok now on to why I support the Donald…Why I support Donald Trump.

Trump is a fucking BUSINESS MAN.

I believe Trump is the type of business savage who would fire his own kids if they didn’t produce results in whatever endeavor he commissioned them. It’s that serious to him.Trump is rough and rugged. He’s the immaculate creation of the corporate world which your little favorite candidates, left or right run on the premise of you one day possibly becoming.

The reason Trump is forceful is because he’s used to saying shit and people get moving.He knows how to put in the gears and systems. He makes people not only work, he makes them work together. That’s very important in team building and management of any operation, including government.

That’s something your other lil’ politicians lack.He’s a champion of the free market and actually loves this country, he’s nearing the end of his life and wants to contribute to the greater good. he wants to be remembered for helping his fellow man, in particular his fellow Americans.

Trump is NOT a politician.

Holy fuck people I would think that qualifies as being a GOOD thing. Politicians are human cartoons for being the worst scum on the planet, in ANY God damned country. Most politicians are Mayor Quimby, the mayor of Springfield on the Simpsons. I don’t give a fuck if it’s your local numbnuts mayor all the way up to your governor, senator, congressman. All of them.

He’s above these politicians and knows they’re just stooges and errand boys. They may be bosses of their own lil’ empires but they’re nobody in the vast collage.They’re all soulless, clueless idiots who are compromised and if at any moment even THINK about going rogue like a Donald Trump they’re toast. That’s why they never go outside the script. Trump burns the script. He doesn’t give two dead flies about the script or who wrote it.

Trump isn’t going anywhere.

It America goes down then Trump goes down with it. His assets are firmly dug in to American soil folks. He can’t leave. The little tech, geek billionaires all live offshore and probably own properties farther out just in case. Plus they all know we’re being moved towards a collapse. They fake being liberals for the camera but they came up from capitalism. That’s funny.

But Trump isn’t in that club. He remembers the days when he hit Manhattan to build his towers into the skyline of New York City, a great image of Americana. Trump is not willing to give up on that spirit. Matter of fact he wants to preserve it for future generations.

Trump is a Billionaire. Hillary, Bernie, etc. …ain’t.

Meaning he really CAN’T be bought. Obviously he’s not too buddy-buddy with the lil’ nasties who are buying politicians because he’s “firing” them all left and right without giving too much of a fuck. And he even owns up to playing the game saying he’s bought and sold them like race horses in the past 15 years.

He’s showing American his hands in a way by doing this and folks like me respect it.

Trump is good money, old money, real estate money.

He made his money by breaking ground, literally. By digging a shovel into American dirt and saying, “I’m going to get things done today in these United States.” And guess what? He did. And that’s why I believe his motives are pure. American companies big and small will benefit under Trump.

He’s not a tech billionaire like your Mark Zucks and your Bill Gates’es. He’s not a dotcom boom billionaire like your Mark Cubans. Meaning he’s not ready to let the country sink while he bounces like the rest of ’em. The tech guys have a whole bunch of land offshore waiting for when the dollar crashes.

Trump is not in that club. He’s not ready to abandon ship. Trump believes he can rite the ship and change things.

Trump Myths To Dispel

“Trump is racist.”

This one is so ridiculous but I’m addressing it anyways.

When the media or leftists in general scream “racist” at you its because its the end of the argument and they’ve lost. this is the same media who cherry picks stories about race to rile up the masses to steer them in a certain direction. and like sheep you always follow. its pathetic.

Liberals and progressives who always run around screaming racist do so because racism is always on their minds. Wanna know why? Because they’re the biggest racists ever in the history of racism.

If you’re not racist then you’re not going to be thinking about racist shit all the time. You just live and get along with people and befriend people on their own merit and that’s it. Liberals and progressives can’t do that because they see racism in the sun, moon and stars. It’s called “PROJECTION” folks. Look it up.

Trump is sexist.

Trump is not sexist. the media says he’s sexist because he’s had past marriages, cheated before, etc. I guaran-fucking-tee you these same media cocksuckers who crucify Trump for past infidelities have done the same and much worse. Most of the people in media, on camera and behind the camera, have to take a buffet of mood pills just to live out their fake existences and stay married to people they hate.

Lets not kid ourselves.Trump constantly brags on his daughter Ivanka (who is one of his executives by the way, who he trusts to run the business while he’s doing his presidential duties). He constantly brags on his wife and there seems to be a genuine love there, the kind of O.G. love you see your grandparents still having.

Also Trump always talks up his other female executives who he says are total killers and often boasts how he pays his female execs more than the men. So knock it off.

Trump goes bankrupt.

The dinosaur media overplays Trump’s bankruptcies. The average millionaire goes bankrupt at least 3.5 times. Look it up. Millionaires go through a few banktrupies on the way to consistency. Especially when you’re self made. Hearda’ “Fortune favors the bold.”?, “With great risk comes great reward.”? Yeah, you’ve heard ’em all so I’ll get to the point.

He owns hundreds of businesses, a few are bound to go belly up when you’re playing in the free market and actually PRODUCING shit. Some are going to be hits, some are going to be misses. Trump went from 200 million to BILLIONS so apparently he’s hitting homeruns.

Notice the people who bombard him about bankruptcies aren’t billionaires themselves? How in thee HELL could they possibly know what it takes or the consequences involved in being in business on such a scale as the Donald? Truth is they can’t and they never will.

Mike Wallace isn’t a billionaire and he’s sucking establishment you know what to maintain a job his daddy got for him.Even bringing this up is a sign the media is conning people of low information. in business, as with anything in life, you’re not going to get it right 100% of the time.

The media screams and shouts about the very few Trump deals that didn’t do well but ignoring the fact that he owns multiple towers, hotels, golf courses and other real estate, or that he flies his custom 757 Boeing over your favorite politician’s tour bus. This obviously implies how dumb the media thinks you are.if Trump was ever doing bad he obviously bounced back better than most.

Trump received 200 million from Pops.

This is a blatant lie.

The media says “He was born in money so he was going to go from millionaire to billionaire anyways.”

I’ll just say this. Motherfuckers have done a lot worse with 200 million. Most don’t turn in it to a billion, you know it and I know it.How many people who’ve won the lottery in the past go broke in a year and never recover? Once again the media wants you to jump through flaming mental hoops to believe nonsense.

Trump is dumb.

How the fuck many stupid billionaires do you know? It literally kills me that all these morons in the media can say a GOD damned thing about Donald Trump when they’ve never done even 100th of this man has done in his lifetime. He’s put up some of the most amazing pieces of architecture ever and has represented America the whole time publicly.

He may not know every little intricate point of every single thing in the universe but he knows how to delegate and put motherfuckers in the right positions where results will happen and fast.

In Closing…

Remember I’m an anarchist ultimately so it pains me to even sound like a statist but I feel we need to band together at this time. All of us as Americans.

Look, Trump is nearing the end of his life, he wants to do something meaningful and give back.

In a way Trump is having an Orson Wells moment in his life. Or even a Howard Roark moment where he wants to create something, not for himself, but for America. He has a lot to lose and already has lost millions in business deals. And he doesn’t care. That to me says its noble.

As stated before I believe the United States was the greatest experiment ever created in individual freedom ever. It should be preserved and protected as long as possible. Or at least until we can really sort a lot of REAL shit out.

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