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After Watching The Hearings On The Waiver For General Mattis

I just have to say…..WOW. What a bunch of self important, fucking slimeballs we have in congress. Not that this is a surprise but cotdamn. The brazenness, the pompous attitudes, even by a few so called “Marines”.

The only conclusion I could come to while watching this fiasco was that these congresspeople are out of their ever-loving minds. Everything about this ceremonial bullshit lets us know what a waste of taxpayer money congressional meetings are. So many representatives gave their little speeches on why or why not they would approve a waiver for General Mattis.

What I saw was a collection of lawyers and other villainous scum interjecting some reminder to the American people that they matter. Not taking into account what a low fucking  approval rating they all have not to mention the federal government overall.

Lindsay Graham aka Miss Graham aka Grandma Graham aka Secretary Of Quilt Knitting was up there interrupting General Mattis again and again. This shit stood out to me and really got under my skin. Being that Lindsay Graham is a neo-con, pansy ass little girl stuck in an old man’s body. Talking all kinds of tough-guy shit about every country in the world but couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Silver spoon fed, domesticated pieces of shit who were either too scared of the military to serve themselves, or a few “Marines” who did serve but are now in D.C. playing the part of the stooge. It was fucking weird.

Representative after representative threw their 2 cents in about how General Mattis never reported to them for an interview, which he did volunteer for but Trump said no to. And for good reason.

General Mattis just got done spending the day being grilled by the other 100 criminals we know as the Senate plus Trump already knows how congress gets down. He didn’t want his Sec of State being asked the same fucking questions over and over.

The little Senate “interview” had a heavy dose of bullshit questions centered around gays in the military and females in the infantry. The communist Senators like Elizabeth Warren are obsessed with shit like this and bombarded General Mattis with stupid fucking questions related to p.c. nonsense.

A lot of these criminals in government were grilling a Marine Corps hero like General Mattis simply because he’s Trump’s pick and it gives them a little satisfaction to display their hatred. Which reminds us all of why all of their approval ratings are crazy low.

Nevertheless I still believe General Mattis will get the count needed to secure his position as Sec. of Defense. General Mad Dog is a fucking war hero and a walking museum of the Marine Corps. As a Marine veteran myself, as well as many other Marine vets and other service people can vouch that General Mattis is a once-in-a-lifetime-military leader who need not entertain a class of sissified, ivy league, criminals in the Senate and the House.

Semper Fi.

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