Political Weigh-Ins

No Leftists, You Would Not Win A Civil War

To be honest I shouldn’t even have to be writing this article because it’s common fucking sense. But be that we’re dealing with a mob of people with absolutely zero common sense…here I am…writing this article. It’s obvious what’s going on here ladies and gentlemen. The left is pushing for …

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Some Of My Thoughts About Strzok And The Hearing

Ladies and gentlemen… If there were every any clear indicators that we’re eventually going into a hot civil war look no further than the Stzrok hearings. I mean holy fuck man I don’t even know where to start with this one. I was busy working on a software project while …

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Why I Support Trump

Now I could’ve wrote a Facebook post, or tweeted it, or made a video about it, (which I eventually will do) but being that social engineering has worked on the masses so much to point where people like me have to explain ourselves line item by line item I decided …

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