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The Battle For The Mind

This is one of my most enigmatic pieces to date and to be honest I was going through a lot mentally and internally when I painted it. Also, as some people know, when I paint it’s usually to music and this was true with this painting.

To help match my mood concerning the information I was coming across at the time I painted this to the Hans Zimmer composed soundtrack for the film “Angels And Demons”. The song was “160 BPM” to be exact (below).

Throughout life we have stretches where we hit a large pool of knowledge which equates to one small dot in the great collage of what is. I was going through one of those stretches when I painted this. It was a strange mix of data I came into all at once. It was activating both sides of my brain simultaneously and forcing them to work together to process.

And with this painting I wanted to capture the mood, the feel, the essence, the time, the knowledge all in one fusion of color and shaped with the subject being a human. I wanted the imagery to make you question what you’re looking at and more so feel the mood than to decode the imagery into understanding…if that makes sense.

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