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HideMyAss VPN – Surf The Web Without Being Tracked

We all know today’s world is as unstable as ever, and today’s cyberworld is even less secure.

First let me tell you as a programmer, coder, computer nerd etc. I’m going to keep it real with you, there is no such thing as cyber security. Period.

We’ve all seen the Snowden leaks and other whistleblower leaks come out affirming that you’re being tracked. And to be honest, the government isn’t exactly the most competent institution in the world…at anything. So just know if they can hack you then you better believe real hackers out there can.

We now know the cyberworld is nothing more than a mad scramble of people trying to outsmart each other and get a one up on the next person. It’s the wild, wild west. This is especially true when it comes to cyber security and remaining anonymous on the web. People tracking other people online via their IP address is a real thing. It happens all the time.

You can read online, horror story after horror story of hackers driving a van down the road, hacking peoples’ wifi and intercepting the data they’re sending or receiving. This can be your PayPal info, banking or financial data, or maybe you and your lover’s naughty Skype date. Anything personal, anything private, anything sensitive is right there, wide open, waiting for hackers to steal and store.

And it’s not just hackers who are interested in your home IP address. More and more websites across the Web are logging and tracking your IP for numerous purposes. Sometimes to track market data, sometimes to install cookies at will, whatever. When you visit a site you’re tracked regardless if you consent or not. I’m one of the people out here who think that’s total bullshit.

Everything you do online is logged and tracked somehow, somewhere. Nobody is exempt.

Even Google Analytics tracks IPs and can gather plenty of data about you just from that. Spending habits, sites you frequent, the whole deal. It’s an invasion of privacy but nobody checks these tech companies on that because the government does the same shit.

Surfing the web from your own home IP address is like going shopping in a crowded mall naked.

When you go online what do you do? Read, watch videos, share stuff, and shop. We all do. And nobody knows this better than hackers. You’re exposed and can easily be taken advantage of by anybody, it wouldn’t even take a hacker with that much skill. Hackers online know there is no such thing as cyber security and there will always be somebody smarter and more experienced than them. That’s why they use VPN’s themselves or go through the TOR browser, etc.

Wait, what the hell is a VPN? I’m glad you asked that question.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. For you non-techies or semi-techies out there it’s basically logging and surfing from a different IP address instead of your own. It adds a level of encryption and a security layer to your browsing session so you appear to be surfing from a completely different location. When you connect to a VPN it hides your IP and connects you to the internet via a proxy IP address.

To sum up what a VPN does…it gives you anonymity while surfing the net. And in my opinion as a software engineer, coder, and Web developer if you’re still surfing online on your home IP address you’re asking for trouble.


More reasons to use a VPN

Getting around firewalls.

There is a war going on against the free flow of information, against the internet itself. Nobody expected the world wide web to be what it is today. There are a lot of gangs, governments, and other shady characters who have firewalled off whole sections of the internet from their populations or those they seek to control. China is a prime example.

The reason is control. But surfing through a VPN most of the time you can bypass all that. If any country, even your own, tries to segment off a whole section of the internet or tries to stop you from downloading something a VPN is a way to sidestep all that.

Download whatever without being tracked.

As a software engineer you would think I would be anti-piracy. On the contrary. I actually don’t give a damn and I’ve given a lot of software I’ve created myself to prove it. I believe in a free web. I understand people expect to be compensated for their intellectual property and understand also that copyright laws are created to protect peoples’ rights.

But in the REAL world we all know that if people can get something for free they will…and do. I’m not advocating or encouraging you to illegally download stuff…but I live in the REAL world and I know people do.

And I’m here to tell you that if you don’t want to be tracked downloading whatever you choose to download that you need a VPN.

The kids! Who’s thinking about the kids??!!

Kids are in on the digital age today probably more than the parents. Looking up stuff for homework assignments, funny animal videos, and even online rubble rousing.

But what if they go to a website where trouble making hackers lurk? Tracking your IP they can track your physical location. What if your child is surfing the Web one day and comes across some shady character who has access to IP tracking software? God forbid.

If you have kids and want an extra layer of security on the devices they use it’s highly recommended you load them up with a VPN. Your child can surf safely and you’ll know they’re on an IP that is far away from home.
So now that you understand that it’s better to have a VPN than not….here is the VPN I personally use and recommend.

The best VPN out there and the one I’ve used for over 5 years ….. HideMyAss.

There are other VPN’s out there (although there should be more) and I’ve tried about a dozen. Some expensive, some cheap, but none as good as HideMyAss. The name is kind of cheesy but it’s straight to the point and their VPN gets the job done. Here are a few specs to check out.


One of the points that sets HMA apart from the rest of the pack is that it works on literally any device. Windows, MAC, Android, iPhones, whatever. You can be on your phone in Oklahoma and log in to your HMA VPN from a Canadian IP and surf safely and anonymously.

Not to mention the software installs in many different languages. So whatever you do, whoever you are, whatever language you speak HMA works to it’s fullest capacity.


I’ve been using HMA for over 5 years and I’ve NEVER logged in through an IP that was slow. Ever. I’ve tested IP address on the HMA VPN in almost every country available for marketing purposes and never had a hiccup or a slowing down.

And it’s super crucial that IPs are fast for the type of marketing software I run. Super fast and super smooth.


If there are certain states or countries you have to be logged in through to make sure your accounts don’t get locked (PayPal, Bank Of America, etc.) you can create a favorites list and add locations so that you don’t have to go fishing for your area. It’s extremely convenient if you have to frequently change IP locations.


HMA carries over 120,000 IP addresses you can use covering almost 200 countries. That kills all other VPN services right there. You have the freedom to choose what city, what country, even what IP specifically to use when surfing. You can rest assured your “ass” will always be hidden while you’re online.


Simply outstanding. I have 3 pcs and had accidentally created 2 different accounts and was being billed improperly due to my error. I saw the charges on my PayPal account and was PISSED (not knowing I was the one who committed the error). The HMA support team refunded me promptly and were very courteous. Being an entrepreneur a company with excellent support goes a long way with me.


HMA provides different pricing based billing but is going to run less than $12/month at the most. If you choose to be billed yearly you’ll pay $6.55/month. That’s it.

Small price to pay for much needed security in today’s cyberworld. Not only that but that but one subscription covers 2 devices. It’s a bargain compared to other VPN services.


I personally recommend HideMyAss VPN because I personally use it. And not just for surfing the web. I also use it for marketing purposes and much more. It’s like having a bullet proof vest online.

When you subscribe what will happen is you download a setup file which installs the software. You just log in through the app and choose whatever IP you want to use, then start surfing worry free.

Alright folks with all that said I think I covered everything. On my website I’ve pledged not to endorse or talk about anything I don’t use myself and HMA is at the top of the list of must-haves for anybody using the internet.

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